Special Prizes

Award Medal

Medals of MACAO2018

Grand Prix d'Honneur

Presented by:

Macao Post & Telecommunications Bureau (CTT)

Watercolour painting - Headquarters of CTT, by Mr. Man Cheong LIO

Grand Prix International

Presented by:

Association of Singapore Philatelists

Butterfly on Leaf (Swarovski)

Grand Prix National

Presented by:

Macao Philatelic Club

3D Statue - Ruins of St. Paul's

Special Prizes Presented by Distinguished Guests

Ms. Wai Meng LAU
Macao, China
Porcelain Plate Painting with Postcards - "Ascension"
Mr. Hong Kuong IO
Macao, China
Porcelain Plate Painting - Ruins of St. Paul's
Mr. Jiangtao SUN
I Ching (Bamboo Carving)
Mr. Jiangtao SUN
Handicrafts Glazed
Mr. Cheong-Too CHOI
Hong Kong, China
The Choi, Cheong-Too Collection - The Postal Stamps and Postal History of Macao
Mr. Haiping SUN
Jingdezhen Porcelain
Mr. Yu-An CHAN
Chinese Taipei
Mr. Stephen Chan
Hong Kong, China
Bohemian Crystal Glass
Mr. Albert LAI
Hong Kong, China
Mr. Teguh Wira ADIKUSUMA
Mini Pedicab

Special Prizes Presented by Philatelic Entities

All-China Philatelic Federation
Chinese Chess
Emirate Philatelic Association
Traditional Dhow
Indonesian Philatelic Exhibitors Association
Hong Kong Philatelic Society
The Philatelic Federation of Japan
Yosegi Handcraft
Philatelic Federation of Korea
Lacquerware Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl
Nepal Philatelic Society
Buddha Stupa
The New Zealand Philatelic Federation
Wahaika / Maori Club
Omani Philatelic Association
Modern Design Clear Round Artificial Succulent Flower Glass
Shanghai Philatelic Association
Shanghai Stamp Exhibition Medal
Philatelic Federation of Pakistan